The Merza’s

We are a family and this is our cloud. We use our cloud to host our email and websites, store and track our content; photos, music and video, and route massages between family Internet Of Things devices.

All Merza family members are welcome into our site, but you will need to register first.


Merza’s Website 2001

Merza’s Website 2010

Our Photo Gallery

Access to our Photo Gallery will allow you to see our current family photo albums, upload your own photos to new albums. Images can be auto captured from your Facebook page, Instagram and even directly from your phone.

You will need to register on this site if you have not done so already to use these features.

Larry’s Maker Blog

Hello world!

This blog will be used to share how some of our IoT devices are made such as our Fish Monitor. But we have much more; smart clocks, hand held and full size video game consoles, bluetooth speakers that can stream internet content, and much more… Wiki’s definition of a Maker: The maker culture is a …